Featured Items

All players online will get an alert and have a chance of getting to the crate before you. These crates contain non-game changing items. They are filled with strictly cosmetic prizes.

All Crate Keys are also obtainable in-game for FREEĀ via our Vote Key System!

New Horizons Bundle 25.00 20.00 USD Buy
New Horizons Deluxe Bundle 50.00 40.00 USD Buy
Random Legendary Pixelmon 16.00 12.80 USD Buy
Key Sample Bundle 35.00 28.00 USD Buy
Ultimate Key Bundle 49.99 39.99 USD Buy
25 Random Shiny Pixelmon 50.00 40.00 USD Buy
5 Falling Leaves Keys 31.99 25.59 USD Buy
5 Frozen Fangs Keys 31.99 25.59 USD Buy
5 Melting Fins Keys 31.99 25.59 USD Buy
Buy 1 get 1 FREE Legendary Keys 10.99 8.79 USD Buy
Welcome Pack [FREE] Buy